Frequent Asked Questions About T-shirt Quilts and Pillows

General Questions 

What is the order process?

All you need to do is first order your quilt(s) either online or by phone. We will send you a kit, complete with everything you will need to submit your t-shirts: a pre-paid return mailing label addressed to us, a mailing bag, numbered stickers to organize the shirts, swatches of fabric for your backing options, and a detailed order form! Once we receive your t-shirts, it will take only a few short weeks to complete and return your custom-made quilt right to your door!

How long does it take to complete a quilt?

Upon receiving your t-shirts, it generally takes about two to four weeks to complete. Rush orders are also available for a small fee. Remember to order early during our busy seasons (Christmas and Graduation).

What types of shirts can I use in my quilt?

Almost any fabric used in clothing can be used, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, golf shirts, tank tops, jerseys, etc. We can even incorporate jeans or neckties! (And, yes, you can use the front, back, or both sides of the shirt.)

How big is each square?

A standard square is 15 in. on each side. Each square may contain one side of a t-shirt, sweatshirt, etc., or anything you might want sewn onto the blank square, such as t-shirt pockets, ties, ribbons, or even a hat. Custom-sized squares are available upon request (additional charges may apply).

What is sashing?

Sashing appears as a 1.5-inch border around each shirt in the quilt. This option particularly improves the look of a quilt with many t-shirts of the same or similar color. You can select the sashing color from our selection or provide your own fabric.

What is backing and binding?

Backing is the fabric on the opposite side of the shirts. The binding appears as a one-inch border around the quilt's edge. The color of both the backing and the binding will be chosen by you from the selection of colors found on our swatch card included in your mailing kit. If you decide you want to use your own fabric, just mail it in with your t-shirts.

What is badding and how thick is it?batting

Batting is the layer of insulation that is placed between the top t-shirt layer and the backing. The photograph to the right illustrates approximately how thick our high-loft batting is.

Sizes for the backing fabric:

3x3 Lap (9 Squares)
No Sashing Borders (45" x 45") - 3 Yrds
w/ Sashing Borders (48" x 48") - 3 1/2 Yrds

4x4 Stadium (16 Squares)
No Sashing Borders (60" x 60") - 4 Yrds
w/ Sashing Borders (66" x 66") - 4 1/2 Yrds

4x5 Couch (20 Squares)
No Sashing Borders (60" x 75") - 5 Yrds
w/ Sashing Borders (66" x 85") - 6 Yrds

4x6 Twin (24 Squares)
No Sashing Borders (60" x 90") - 6 1/2 Yrds
w/ Sashing Borders (66" x 102") - 8 1/2 Yrds

5x6 Full (30 Squares)
No Sashing Borders (75" x 90") - 10 1/2 Yrds
w/ Sashing Borders (85" x 102") - 13 Yrds

6x7 Queen (42 Squares)
No Sashing Borders (90" x 105") - 11 Yrds
w/ Sashing Borders (102" x 1119") - 15 Yrds

7x7 King (49 Squares)
No Sashing Borders (105" x 105") - 11 Yrds
w/ Sashing Borders (115"x 115") - 16 Yrds

How do you attach the shirts to the backing? Do you fully quilt or tack the corners?

Your quilt will always be fully quilted; the stitches reinforce the t-shirts by attaching them to the backing fabric and the batting that is also included. This is the best way to guarantee durability and maintain the quilt's aesthetic appearance.

What is the payment process?

Each quilt order requires a $100 deposit up front, and the remaining balance will be charged when your quilt is completed. If you have not received your mailing kit, you may cancel your order and receive a full refund of your deposit.

Special Services

Can you do embroidery?

Yes! We can include a personalized name, date, or message for the perfect way to remember a special event or personalize a special gift. The image below illustrates your options.

Can I include photos?

Yes! Simply provide your digital picture (800 x 600 dpi or higher) and we will transfer it to a new white t-shirt on your quilt. When you email your photos, be sure to include your name and to number each photo according to the numbers provided in your quilt kit. (A small fee will apply per photo.)

Do you take special requests?

Just ask! We welcome your special requests. Our sewing team has made custom quilts of all kinds, and our sewing prowess is beyond compare! We will quote your custom services upon request.

Quilt Materials and Care

Should I wash and cut my shirts before mailing them?

Wash the shirts (prevents colors from bleeding), but allow us to cut them.

Can I keep the scraps from my t-shirts?

If you would like to save your t-shirt scraps, we will mail them back to you for a shipping and handling fee. Otherwise, we will throw them out for you.

Can I wash my quilt?

Yes! We advise you to care for your quilt as gently as you would care for the most delicate fabric in it. For quilts made of pre-washed cotton t-shirts, machine-washing with cold water and line-drying should be fine. Dry-cleaning is preferred for quilts with a dark backing and any light-colored shirts.